Influencer Marketing

The Influencer Marketing field includes all the phases of designing, planning, developing and realizing the communication campaigns that actively involve influencers.

Starting from the client’s briefing, we create a communication concept that is based on a storytelling strategy. We take care of contacting brands for potential partnerships that could fit well with the client’s image, share the client’s reference targets and further strengthen the designed communication concept.

We identify the influencers that can be actively involved by publishing contents they created ad-hoc for the project, and who can capture the audience’s attention, offer interesting contents and open up a conversation with their followers, sparking a spontaneous, online word-of-mouth process.

Our campaigns can also include the organization of Special Events, online or offline, which allow the involved influencers and the audience to experience firsthand the communication concept behind each campaign.

graphic: Giovanni Fusari illustrations: Francesca Fusari
web design: Davide Barletta